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Hops Rhizomes

Hops rhizome sales for the 2022 season runs February – May, depending on inventory. Shipping starts late April through May 20.


Hops Rhizomes are sections of the plant’s underground stem which put out both sprouts and roots. We ensure that there are at least two bud nodes per rhizome we ship. They are shipped bare-root, packed in moist peat moss to preserve viability. Ideally, hops rhizomes should look very dormant when they arrive, or with only very small shoots visible – this ensures that all their energy is waiting for them to get in the ground.

All our rhizomes are from our own farm and other BC organic growers. Not all growers can provide rhizomes every year, as they renew their own yards first, and production of rhizomes does vary from year to year. This means that availability will also vary. BC hops are dug after US hops, as our latitude means that the snow is often not off our fields when the US hops are being dug. The longer rhizomes are stored before planting, the lower viability they have – meaning they are less likely to grow. Because we are in BC’s mountainous interior, we dig and ship rhizomes later in the year, just at the time when fields across Canada are ready to plant. Hops rhizomes from us are ready to go when you are!

Our hops are dug in April, and shipped as early as possible in April through the end of May.

We would like to thank Hopslist and Hopunion for their excellent analysis of hops varieties, and we encourage you to use their sites for your own research.


BC Certified Organic 04-189

Left Fields holds regional certification only, certified by the North Okanagan Organic Association under the Canadian Organic Regime. We are BC Certified Organic only. This means that we do not hold national certification, although we do conform to the National Regime. Please let your organic certification agency know this before purchasing organic rhizomes.

A copy of our organic certificate will be included with your order on request.

We do our best to supply top-grade, disease-free rhizomes, but these rhizomes are from commercial yards which may suffer from mildew and disease. We examine all rhizomes prior to shipment to ensure that there are no signs of mildew.

No hops have been genetically modified or propagated using GMOs.

Please see our Resources page for links with information on agriculture, organics, hops technical resources and much more. You can also order our extensively researched Hops Manual to ship before or along with your rhizomes. If you don’t need a print copy, you can download a free copy of the Manual from our Farm page.
We cannot sell any trademarked varieties or varieties in development at proprietary institutions — no Simcoe, Amarillo, Citra, or dwarf hops. We sell only what is listed on our site.


Left Fields does more than hops!

Our lovely sheep produce wool, which we process into pin-drafted rovings (for felting or spinning) and yarn of various weights, from fingering to sock and worsted. Most of our yarns are in natural colours, and each sheep is processed separately for maximum variation and identity. If you like Maybelline’s fleece, you can buy yarn made only from her wool.


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