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BC Certified Organic Hops

Hops rhizomes, wool, wool craft and more on a diverse organic farm in Secwepemc Territory

Home of Crannóg Ales, Canada’s first Certified Organic on-farm microbrewery

Politics (notice our name?), permaculture principles, art and community define who we are.


We sell BC Certified Organic Hops Rhizomes, so you can grow your own hops.

There are 16 varieties in our yard, and we source additional varieties from other organic farms in our bioregion. These are all heritage varieties, not trademarked or otherwise privately held. All our hops rhizomes are certified organic within BC. We are also Salmon-Safe Certified in our hops production.

Our Small Scale Organic Hops Production Manual is a great starting point for anyone wishing to get started in growing hops, and we have plenty of other resources available on this site as well.

Hops Growing Resources


Our farm is small but very diverse, with wetland and wild areas as well as areas under intense cultivation.

Our small flock of CVM sheep make good use of our pastures, giving us both meat and wool. There are fruit trees (from cider apples to cherries, with all stops in between) and berry bushes, vegetable gardens, nuts and plenty of habitat areas for birds and beneficials.

This diversity creates stable wildlife and beneficial insect habitat which benefits the whole farm ecosystem.

The farm has been an incubator for organic farmers for the last 20 years, providing an entry point for people who want to farm.

Read about what we’re currently up to on our sporadic blog.

Farm news

the brewery

All our dried hops go to the brewery, which also feeds the farm with by-products like spent grain and greywater.

The farm and brewery are inextricably intertwined (much like hops vines at the end of the season). They have a mutually beneficial relationship, with each part feeding from the other. The brewery’s growth cap and zero-waste models ensure that the balance between farm and industry will remain stable.

Our primary production is hops rhizomes for sale to the public and other hops growers, but our primary relationship is with Crannóg Ales, the certified organic brewery which is the centrepiece of the farm.

Crannóg ales