Hops Rhizomes Sales

Aaaaand we’re off!

Hops rhizomes are now available for pre-order. Rhizomes are dug as early in the spring as possible (usually the end of March-mid-April) and shipped starting mid-April through mid-May. Orders are filled in the order in which they are placed, so if you’re looking at a larger amount of rhizomes or a variety which has limited stock, don’t delay.

We will also have hops twine and paper mulch available. Paper mulch is only available for pickup at the farm due to the weight of the rolls – each roll weighs over 50lbs and they are 4′ long. We can ship hops twine, though again larger amounts are prohibitive to ship.

Paper twine is made of kraft paper, undyed and untreated. It is fully acceptable in the Canadian organic programme, as is the paper mulch. Paper twine is very strong (we’ve never had it break) and it biodegrades completely in compost, unlike coir twine. Paper twine does need to be anchored above ground, rather than using in-ground metal “W” staples, and we can supply anchors as well.

Paper mulch is also allowed in organic production, comes 4×400′ rolls, and can be rolled out right over the crowns as they emerge, cutting holes for each crown. Paper mulch allows air through, keeping the soil healthy. We’ve used paper mulch and plastic (including bioplastics), and only paper created more earthworms and beetle sanctuaries, as well as homes for garter and garden snakes which eat voles and pocket gophers. Paper mulch biodegrades over the season in the field in our climate with snow on the ground all winter, and also degrades where warmer winters keep the ground wet. Any bits left in the spring can simply be added to the compost.

Please note that the new website format requires you to be honest when choosing shipping: please match the shipping option to the number of hops in your cart. Orders with the wrong amount of shipping will have to be re-billed and paid before we ship. Due to Canada Post’s shipping issues, we only ship via Express Post and we do charge extra for insurance on large shipments.

Bulk discounts are available on any order over 50 rhizomes total purchase.

Contact Rebecca at the farm with any questions!